ICR Special Symposium : Japan and the World after 3.11, 28th SEP.

ICR, Institute for Comparative Research in Human ans Social Sciences, will hold an interesting symposium on Sep 28th.

The objective of this event is that we consider deeply of world and Japan affairs after 3.11 great earthquake, with three great discussants. We hope you would participate into the event and enjoy.

Symposium Title: ICR Special Symposium, Japan and the World after 3.11

Date: 28th Sep, Sunday.

Time: 13:00-16:00

Language: English & Japanese

Place: Tsukuba Univ. 5C216 Hall (Sports & art area)

Please refer this Google Street-view & Map.

1.Presentation by Atrhur J.A.A.Stockwin The Impact of the 3/11 Disasters on Domestic Japanese Politics

2.Presentation by Kiyoshi KUROKAWA Japan and the World After 3.11: Quo Vadis

3.Presentation by Makoto IOKIBE “Japan after Great Earthquake – View from Former Chairman of Reconstruction Design Council in Response to Great East Japan Earthquake

4.Presentation by Yutaka TSUJINAKA Japan after the Great Earthquake: Exploring Public Decision Making

5.Open Discussion

These titles and contents of presentation might be revised.


Arthur J.A.A. Stockwin, Emeritus professor, Oxford University.
Kiyoshi KUROKAWA, Chairman of KUROKAWA commission. Fukushima Nuclear disaster Investigation in the National Diet.

Makoto IOKIBE, Chairman of Reconstruction design council, 3.11 disaster in Japan Government

Yutaka TSUJINAKA, Director of ICR

ICR Special Symposium 2014
ICR Special Symposium 2014