Assistant Professor Kubota’s Research Report: December 2015

Our International Tenure Track member Assistant Professor Yusuke Kubota has been dispatched to faculty of Linguistics at University of Ohio.  We would like to introduce his research progress as of December 2015.

 I have been consulting with a project on constructing the theory of syntax and semantic in natural language with Professor Robert Levine who is my mentor of dispatch destination at faculty of linguistics, University of Ohio.  In particular, we are using what we call categorial grammar and analyzing grammatical phenomena in Japanese and English natural language in details.  Categorial grammar has been studied in mathematics and logic field but the most distinctive about what we are proposing is that you can insert the main achievements of your research in the theoretical linguistics. Therefore, we could propose computational linguistics approaches to theoretical linguistics researchers. Vice versa theoretical linguistics approaches to computational linguistics researchers.  This should be attractive to both them.  Now we are still preparing for logistic base, but we are looking forward to launch a cross-field project to reactivate lively research exchanges between computational linguistics researchers and theoretical linguistics researchers.







 This year we held several special events from summer to fall.

July: Basic Categorial Grammar Lecture for linguistic researchers “Empirical Applications of Type-Logical Categorial Grammar” at LSA Summer Institute (Chicago) with Professor Levine.

 August: Workshop “Empirical Advances in Categorial Grammar” at 27th European Summer School in Logic, Language and Information (Barcelona).

 October: Workshop “Dynamic Semantics: Modern Type Theoretic and Category Theoretic Approaches” at University of Ohio.

Professor Levine was one of my mentors when I was a doctoral student.   We have been working on a joint-research since 2010 after finished writing my doctoral thesis.  Our research was published as joint-paper. This research had begun from 2010 and had been continuing even after I started working as an International Tenure Track member.  It was officially accepted and posted on academic journals.  For more info please see my homepage and COTRE.

Talking about the research with Professor Levine, we have done making the frame work of the theory of grammar which we have been proposing and also completed the first stage of analyzing the different phenomena of linguistics using this theory.  We are planning to work up our research result into an academic book.

 Besides above we have done following activities.

-April: Professor Chis Baker’s lecture at University of Ohio

-May: Lecture on “Grammar, logic, and computation” at University of William

I am also thinking of enhancing the project on pushing the international competitive power of Japanese formal semantics researches.  To start this off we have invited researchers in young generation who are doing remarkable researches inside and outside of country to give a lecture at ICR seminars on March and November at University of Tsukuba Tokyo Campus.

 I will put more efforts on these projects through workshops at major conferences after I go back to Japan.