【Dec. 1】TSUKUBA index Web Release Commemoration Symposium

The “ICR Research Month” is organised every year at the University of Tsukuba in order to disseminate research outcomes from Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences starting last year.  We hold symposiums, lectures, and workshops during the research month; the purpose of which is to widely disseminate results of research in humanities and social sciences field which are difficult to see normally but are greatly solicited by society. This year too, we held 24 events mainly in November.  With a few exceptions, all events were open to the public and free of charge.


This year’s special event was “TSUKUBA index Web Release Commemoration Symposium” which was held at the University of Tsukuba, Tokyo Campus on December 1 from 15:00 to 17:15. The first half of the symposium consisted of an explanation of the scientific journal rating index (iMD); independently developed by Humanities and Social Sciences in the University of Tsukuba. The second half consisted of presentations from four commentators and a question and answer session.


The opening remarks were given by the University of Tsukuba Vice President for Research, Prof. Hideo Kigoshi. Following this, the Executive Advisor to the Pesident, Prof. Jun Ikeda (Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences) presented “TSUKUBA index Web” and Prof. Hiroshi Itsumura (Faculty of Library, Information and Media Science) gave a speech titled “Positioning and Possibilities of iMD.”


The commentators, Ms. Yoshiko Kakita (Elsevier Japan), Mr. Fumitaka Yanagisawa (Clarivate Analytics) and Ms. Ritsuko Nagajima (JST) gave opinions on TSUKUBA index from their respective standpoints.  Finally, participants actively engaged in the question and answer session, discussing issues such as how to use TSUKUBA index and how to measure research in the humanities and social sciences fields well beyond the scheduled time.


(For more information on the index click TSUKUBA index)


The program details are as follows.


Event:TSUKUBA index Web Release Commemoration Symposium

Date:December 1, 2017 (Fri.) 15:00 – 17:15 (information exchange meeting 17:30 – 19:30)

Place:University of Tsukuba Tokyo Campus, lecture room 121

Sponsor:University of Tsukuba, JINSHA Forum Administration Network



15:00 – 15:05   Opening Remarks

__Prof. Hideo Kigoshi (University of Tsukuba Vice President for Research)


15:05 – 15:45   About TSUKUBA index   Documents

__Prof. Jun Ikeda (University of Tsukuba Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, Executive Advisor to the President)


15:45 – 16:00   Positioning and Possibilities of iMD   Documents

__Prof. Hiroshi Itsumura (University of Tsukuba Faculty of Library, Information and Media Science)


16:15 – 17:00   Comments

__Yoshiko Kakita (Elsevier Japan)

__Fumitaka Yanagisawa (Clarivate Analytics)

__Ritsuko Nakajima (JST) Documents


17:00 – 17:30   Question and Answer session