◆ICR Seminar

We set up seminars and conferences lectured by outstanding researchers, such as researchers from Oxford University, Australian National University, UNESCO and so on to promote international collaborative researches and encourage knowledge dissemination. Practical seminars, such as publishing English journals, would be held as well. Previous ICR seminars can be founded here.

◆ Research Support Program

ICR provides research support such as “The World University Ranking Study Meetings” and “Winning Grant Proposal Seminars” especially for researchers in the fields of humanities and social sciences.  Previous research support programs can be founded here.


◆Research activities by International tenure track faculty members

University of Tsukuba adopts International tenure track  system to promote international collaborative research and education. ICR includes three International tenure track faculty members who are dispatched to the Università degli Studi di Milanothe University College London, UCL and the Ohio State University. Details of their academic activities can be founded here.


◆Sponsors for Events

ICR sponsors various events and conferences. Previous events can be founded here. 



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Center for International, Comparative, and Advanced Japanese Studies
Research Center for West Asian Civilization
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