【Jul. 19(Report)】The 34th ICR Seminar (The 1st Professors and Staffs Cooperation Seminar)

The 1st Professors and Staffs Cooperation Seminar (The 34th ICR Seminar) was held on Wednesday July 19.


The Director of ICR, Prof. Yutaka Tsujinka gave the opening speech where he said that since there were not many chances to discuss ways of improving our university better among professors and staffs, we, the faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences will continue to create this kind of opportunities.


The next speech was from Mr. Toshiyuki Aoshima (Students Support) and Ms. Namiko Soya (Office of Academic Affairs). They talked about their current jobs and gave presentations on how to make our university better.  An active discussion followed after. What was splendid was that most of the attendees spoke up which showed how much attention was paid at this seminar.


Faulty of Humanities and Social Sciences and ICR are planning to hold Professors and Staffs Cooperation Seminars continuously.


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