【Jul. 12-13】International Conference for E-Democracy and Open Government, Asia 2018

Following eleven successful conferences in Austria and three inspiring conferences in Singapore, Hong Kong and South Korea, Conference for E-Democracy and Open Government was hosted in Yokohama (Japan) from 12-13 July 2018.

The themes of the conference were political polarization, campaigning, populism, civic engagement, e-government and smart cities.

The keynote addresses were delivered by Shanto Iyengar (Stanford University), Francis Lee (Chinese University of Hong Kong) and Mario Voigt (Quadriga University of Applied Sciences Berlin).









(Shanto Iyengar, Stanford University)









(Francis Lee, Chinese University of Hong Kong)









(Mario Voigt, Quadriga University of Applied Sciences Berlin)


The conference was chaired by Marko M. Skoric (City University of Hong Kong, China), Tetsuro Kobayashi (City University of Hong Kong, China), Peter Parycek (Danube University, Austria), Nojin Kwak (University of Michigan, USA), Torben Stephan (Konrad Adenauer Stiftung, Singapore) and Muneo Kaigo (University of Tsukuba, Japan).

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Date: 12th – 13th July 2018 (Thur. – Fri.), 08:30 ~

Place: Rose Hotel, Yokohama