The 30th ICR Seminar [November 22 (Tue)]

The 30th ICR Seminar will be held on November 22nd(Tue)at University of Tsukuba.


Recital of Researchers and Authors in the Field of Humanity and Social Science Series No1

 “Can Social Democracy Survive? – Conditions of Political Party Organizations”


Date: November 22 (Tue) 16:00-17:30

Place: University of Tsukuba Humanity and Social Science Building A101

Lecturer: Yasushi Kondo (University of Tsukuba)



When you look at the results of elections in Japan nowadays, it seems as if there is no longer any seat for the Social Democracy parties as receptacle for will of Japanese citizens.  On the other hand when you look at Social Democracy parties in European countries, they are still getting constant support from citizens. In this book, I compared Labour Party (UK), Social Democratic Party of German, and Social Democratic Party of Japan focusing on party organizations as systems and disclose the factors of their turning points.