27th ICR seminar

The 27th ICR seminar will be held on May 30.










Immigrants without Immigration:
Japan’s Restrictive Migration Policy in Comparative Perspective


■When:Monday, May 30, 3:15pm – 4:30pm

■Where:Tsukuba University Humanities and Social Sciences Bldg. Room 101

■Speaker:Michael Strausz (Texas Christian University)


Japan has one of the most restrictive immigration policies in the advanced industrialized world, and many members of the LDP still avoid talk of immigration entirely. However, Japan is also faced with severe labor shortages, and serious problems stemming from shoshikoreika (Japan’s shrinking and aging population).
This presentation will focus on two questions. First, why did Japan avoid turning to foreign laborers in high numbers during the high growth years, unlike most other advanced industrialized countries?  Second, what are the prospects for large-scale immigration in the future?

About the speaker
Dr Michael Strausz is associate professor of political science at Texas Christian University and Japan Foundation fellow. He is currently a visiting scholar at the University of Tsukuba.