The 22nd ICR Seminar 【Date: Monday, January 25, 2016】

On Monday, January 25, we will be holding the 22nd ICR Seminar at Humanity and Social Science Building at University of Tsukuba. Assistant Professor Osamu Maeda will be giving a lecture on “Strategies of Writing Joint-Papers with Researchers Overseas”. No entry fee or pre-registration is needed, so please feel free to join us!

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“Strategies of Writing Joint-Papers with Researchers Overseas Considering Paper Performance Evaluation in the Field of Humanities and Social Sciences; Case of Archeology”


Date: Monday, January 25, 2016 13:30-14:30

Place: Humanity and Social Science Building A101

Lecturer:Assistant Professor Osamu Maeda


Outline of the seminar: Nowadays, the trend of numerical evaluation of research is growing in the field of humanities. Rankings on academic magazines where papers are posted (for example; IF and SJR) and the number of citation index of a paper(for example; h-index and i10-index)are becoming more important. The numerical evaluation is starting to reflect on a budget to a research institute and on acceptance policies when job hunting. This is a world-wide trend and it is not uncommon even for a graduate student to choose a research theme considering the numerical evaluation in overseas. Although there is a criticism that there is too much emphasis on numerical achievements and it may deviate from original academic significance, but such tendency will be no doubt stronger. In this circumstance, researchers will need a strategic know-how to publish a high scored paper. And to have many joint-researches with researchers overseas and to write joint-papers would be the most effective strategy that directly linked to raise the score of numerical evaluation. In this seminar I would like to introduce my examples of international joint-paper in archeology field taking the numerical evaluation into consideration through my experience with joint-research at the university in England.