New Publication: Inter Faculty, Journal of Interdisciplinary Research in Human and Social Sciences, vol.9, Patterns of Confluence and Influence

NEW ISSUE: Inter Faculty, vol.9, Patterns of Confluence and Influence

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Table of Contents

About Patterns of Confluence and Influence

  Saburo AOKI (Japan)


Migrations – Local Experiences in a Globalized World (Case of Slovenia)

  Žarko LAZAREVIĆ (Slovenia)

Language as a Symbol of a Fractured Country

  Vesna POŽGAJ HADŽI (Slovenia)

Classification of Noun-Concluding Sentences from a Syntactic Analysis Perspective

  Hiroko SAWADA (Japan)

Research Forums

Report on the International Mother Language Day Forum

My Mother Tongue Amidst the Languages I Speak

  Jérémie BRIDE, Bruno JACTAT, Ruth VANBAELEN (Japan)

Report on the Linguapax Asia 2018 International Symposium

Bilingualism Now: The Imperative Issues in Bilingualism and Bilingual Education

  Jelisava SETHNA (Japan)

Research Evaluation in Humanities and Social Sciences

  Yukihito MORIMOTO (Japan)

  Fieldwork and Research Notes

Invisible Bilingual and Bicultural Groups in Japan

  Esther LOVELY and Asuka ANDO (Japan)


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