NEW ISSUE: Inter Faculty, Journal of Interdisciplinary Research in Human and Social Sciences, Vol 11 (2021): Variability, Uncertainty, Complexity and Ambiguity

NEW ISSUE: Inter Faculty, Vol 11 (2021): Variability, Uncertainty, Complexity and Ambiguity

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Table of Contents



Jun IKEDA (Japan)


About Variability, Uncertainty, Complexity and Ambiguity

Saburo AOKI (Japan)



Qualitative Analysis on the Progress and Difficulty of LGBT Politics in Latin America: Focus on Peru

Saori ISODA (Japan)


The Inuit of Greenland: Doing Area Studies on the Compromise between Reciprocity and Utility

Minori TAKAHASHI (Japan)


Revisiting Saiko Dayo, the Japanese Fishermen’s Song of Cabo Verde, its Societal and Creative Values

Kay AOKI (Japan)


Atomic Bomb Survivor Testimonies as Sociolinguistic Data: An Approach from Discourse Analysis

Ikuko OKUGAWA (Japan)


The Intangibility of the Intangible in Cross-cultural Contexts: Assessing the Value Gaps in Heritage Protection



A Quantitative Study of Transitive and Intransitive Constructions in Hindi and Japanese

Anubhuti CHAUHAN (Japan)


The Experiences of International Students in Japanese Bachelor Programs

Miho IRIYAMA (Japan)

Keiko SUGIMOTO (Japan)


Processing Technologies and Production of Food in the Jomon Period

Takamune KAWASHIMA (Japan)



Research Projects


The Correlation Between Literature, Drama and Film: A Discussion of A Wife in Musashino

Takashi FURUTA (Japan)


Metaphysics and Metaphysical Poetry in the Eastern Jin Dynasty

Nozomi WAKU (Japan)


Cooperation between Japanese Linguistics and Japanese Language Education

Yu TANAKA (Japan)


Development of Japanese Language Learning Content Using Immersive Virtual Reality

Hideaki ITO (Japan)


A Comparative Study of Blended Learning and Face-to-Face Instruction in University-Level Chinese Language Education 

Tingjie XU (Japan)


Archaeology for Disaster Management

Takamune KAWASHIMA (Japan)



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