【May 31】C01-Research Group 06, 6th Workshop 

A workshop by the Research Group 06: A planning study on the multilayered urban fabric in Western Asia 「聖シメオン教会(パシャバー)の保存に関する研究会」will be held at the Tokyo campus of the University of Tsukuba.

We look forward to your participation.


Date31st May 2019 (Fri.), 10:00~
PlaceRoom 557, University of Tsukuba, Tokyo Campus. (Map)

Admission:free; no registration required.


Yoko Taniguchi (University of Tsukuba)



Chiemi Iba (Kyoto University)



Katsuhiko Sano (D & D Corporation)



Hirohumi Sugawara (Kanazawa University)



※Lectures will be conducted in Japanese.