【Feb.21】C01-Research Group 05’s 14th Workshop

The Research Group 05  (Historical research on the urban structure of West Asian “Islamic cities”) is organizing the following workshop.

We look forward to your participation!


Date:21st Feb 2020 (Fri.), 15:00-18:00

Venue:Seminar Room 1, Main Building, Institute for Research in Humanities Kyoto University(Map)

Lecture 1:Carlo Cereti(Sapienza University of Rome)

“The Paikuli Project: Researches on Narseh’s Monument and Inscription in Iraqi Kurdistan”

Lecture 2:Yousef Moradi (SOAS University of London)

“Takht-e Solayman in the Light of Archaeological Excavations: Report of Seasons 2002-2008”


Poster (PDF)

※ Reservation not require; open to all.