The 3rd Winning Grant (Kakenhi) Proposal Seminar 2016 【Oct 5th (Wed)】

The 3rd Winning Grant Proposal Seminar will be held on Oct 5th (Wed) from 17 o’clock. This seminar is especially for the researchers and staffs working in the field of humanities and social sciences.

We are looking forward for your participation!  Adventitious listeners are welcome.



Date: Oct 5th (Wed)

Time: 17:00~19:30

Place: Humanity and Social Science Building A, Room 101

Fee: Free

Registration: Please click here




*Professor Motoko Shuto

*Associate Professor Yukari Yoshihara

*Assistant Professor Hidenao Takahashi



*Saburo Aoki, Jun Ikeda, Yuji Ushiro (Language Division)

*Chizuko Yoshimizu, Hidenao Takahashi (Document Division)

*Yutaka Tsujinaka, Motoko Shuto (Social Survey Division)





1) Stories of Lecturers’ Experiences

2) Schedule and Changes of 2016’s Kakenhi Public Offering

3) Sectoral Personal Interviews / Reading Adopted Documents


Special judging experience workshop by URL will be held too!!


Kakenhi A.B.C (general) and young researchers’ documents will be judged by five decided point of views. In this workshop we evaluate documents as we read.  By following the same style as real judges, you can experience “awareness”.  Meaning understanding intelligible and unintelligible details of a document and knowing the points where judges want to give high marks and where they have to evaluate low

Please check the website (campus only).


Also please look at the poster for more information.