Report on“ICR Research Month November 2016 Kick Off Symposium”

From this year we started “Humanities and Social Sciences Research Dispatching Month”. 
During this month we will be holding symposiums, lectures, and workshops one after another and dispatch outcomes of humanities and social sciences researches which are hard to realize in ordinary days but have high demands of society.
This year we are holding 20 events mainly on November.  
Most of the events are open to the public and admission free.

Starting out, kick off symposium was held at University of Tsukuba Tokyo Campus on Saturday November 5th from 1 o’clock in the afternoon. 
The theme of this symposium was“From Adversity to Innovation” and three lectures gave lectures on this theme and did panel discussion.

  First Dr. Ikuo Kabashima (Current Governor of Kumamoto Prefecture, Emeritus professor of Tokyo University, and former professor at University of Tsukuba) gave a keynote lecture on“Dream is, indeed, in Adversity”. 
After Mr. Akiyoshi Kojima (Research Project Division Section Chief and Research Ethics Promotion Office Chief at Japan Society for the Promotion of Science) gave a lecture on“Researches in Humanities and Social Sciences that Guide the Ways to Solve Social Problems”. 
Lastly Professor Yutaka Tsujinaka (ICR Director at University of Tsukuba) gave a lecture on“The Direction and Meanings of Humanities and Social Sciences Innovation”.  The latter half, Professor Saburo Aoki (ICR co-director of University of Tsukuba )took the chair and had lively panel discussion on how to make innovation from adversity and so on.
Questions from audience didn’t stop.  We also had lively discussion on themes such as cultivation of human resources and social contribution.

Thank you for coming on our symposium