Summary report on International Conference “2015 – the Year of Neutrality and Peace”

International Conference “2015 – the Year of Neutrality and Peace” was held on November 11, 2015 at Tokyo Palace Hotel. Professor Yutaka Tsujinaka, Director of the ICR, gave a lecture at the conference.




International Conference

“2015 – the Year of Neutrality and Peace”

Tokyo Palace Hotel, 11.11.2015


Registration – 14:30-14:55

 I SESSION – 15:00-16:00 (chaired by Toshinobu USUYAMA, Professor at University of Tsukuba)



Gurbanmammet ELYASOV, Ambassador of Turkmenistan to Japan

Daishiro YAMAGIWA, Member of Parliament, Deputy Chairman of Japan-Turkmen Friendship Parliamentary League

Sergey RAHMANOV, Ambassador of Belarus to Japan

Kyosuke NAGATA, President of Tsukuba University

Kerim KERTIYEV, Vice-president, International University for Humanities and Development of Turkmenistan

Ichiro KAWABATA, Director of Central Asia and Caucasus Division, MOFA Japan

Masuo AIZAWA, Adviser, Japan Science and Technology Agency


Break – 16:00-16:10

 II SESSION – 16:10-17:00 (chaired by Hideomi KOINUMA, President of Japanese-Turkmen Association for Science and Technology Cooperation, visiting professor at the University of Tokyo)


Kei SATO, President of Hirosaki University

Baba SARYYEV, Vice-president, Institute of International Relations, MOFA Turkmenistan

Hirotaka TATEISHI, President, Tokyo University of Foreign Studies

Yutaka TSUJINAKA, President of Japanese Political Science Association, Special Assistant of President at University of Tsukuba

Rahimmammet KURENOV, Director of Textology department, Institute of History, Academy of Science of Turkmenistan

Terue OKADA, Assistant Professor at the University of Tokyo

 Networking – 17:00-18:00 (followed by Reception)