Report on “International Conference on Asian Nonprofit Sectors (ICANS)”【meeting material posted】

From January 21 to 22, 2016, Prof. Yutaka Tsujinaka, the director of ICR attended “International Conference on Asian Nonprofit Sectors (ICANS)” held at International House of Japan and made a presentation.

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From January 21 to 22, 2016, “International Conference on Asian Nonprofit Sectors (ICANS)” was held at International House of Japan. The international conference was organized by Toyota Foundation, and around 120 participants were invited including institutions and individuals who support the nonprofit sector, and those from regional nonprofit networks in Asian countries.

The objectives of “International Conference on Asian Nonprofit Sectors (ICANS)” was “to (re)connect and build an information exchange platform for strategic partners in nonprofit sectors primarily in East and Southeast Asia,” which was divided into 4 plenary sessions and 2 breakout sessions. Prof. Tsujianka (Professor of the University of Tsukuba Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, President of the Japanese Political Science Association) made a presentation titled “Japan’s Good Governance Puzzle: Japan in Comparison with other Asian Countries” in the plenary session titled “Current status of nonprofit sectors in Asia”.

Prof. Inaba Yoji (Nihon University) was the moderator of the session, and Mr. Jonathan CHANG (Lien Centre for Social Innovation), Prof. WANG Chao (Tsinghua Institute of Philanthropy) and Prof. MOON Hyoung Koo (Korea University) also made presentations.

The breakout sessions titled “New initiatives in nonprofit sectors” and “Social issues and the roles of nonprofit sectors – Service provision, creating a new community, and developing models” were also held, and professors and participants enjoyed a lively discussion regarding similar social problems including aging, environmental issues, revitalizing local communities and so on in Asia and role of nonprofit sectors to solve these problems.

※You can download the meeting material from here (PDF, 1.9MB).