Report: The Winning KAKENHI 2016 Seminar

The winning KAKENHI 2016 seminar was held on June 15, 2016.

First,  Professor Shigeo Osonoi (the provost of faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences) gave an opening speech looking back on previous year. We introduced the support system of winning KAKENHI and professor Tsujinka our director gave a lecture. Also we had a lively question and answer period.


Thank you for participating and filling out the questionnaires.

We are planning to hold the next KAKENHI seminar on July.


Please down load the distributed documents from here.




1) Greeting: Shigeo Osonoi, Provost of Humanities and Social Sciences

2) Let’s win KAKENHI!

3) Introduction to the support system

4) Supporting document correction for rejected documents

5) How to read rejected documents


☆19:30 Reception