Call for Entries to Humanities and Social Sciences Research Month (limited to within University)

The “Humanities and Social Sciences Research Month” aims for transparency of researches of Humanities and Social Sciences by widely dispatching research outcomes in our university.  Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences in University of Tsukuba set this “Humanities and Social Sciences Research Month” for the purpose of further development of educational research activities.

Please consider holding academic conferences, seminars, lectures, exhibitions, science cafés and etc. during this period.



Date:Sat. October 14th – Sat. December 23rd

Place:University of Tsukuba (including Tokyo Campus)

ApplicationPlease Click Here


The event you apply for will be available on the ICR homepage.


Implementation Expenses

We will support implementation expenses such as traveling expenses and rewards for holding seminars etc. during this period if needed.  Selections will have to be made in the event the number of applications exceeds the limit. Also, please note that depending on the number of applications, the amount of support given may be reduced in order to distribute funds equally to all applicants.


募集要項 (list of requirements)
様式 (application form)


Please download the above application form and send it to: office[at] by September 22.

(Please change “[at]” to “@”)