Workshop “Sedentism, Subsistence and Societies in the Neolithic Anatolia: New Insights from Hasankeyf Höyük”

On March 22 and 23, workshop titled“Sedentism, Subsistence and Societies in the Neolithic Anatolia: New Insights from Hasankeyf Höyük”will be held.  We are looking forward for your participations!


 The University of Tsukuba Anatolia Research Team has been doing archeological research on Hasankeyf Höyük, ruins of the Neolithic Age at Tigris river basin in the southeastern part of Turkey.  At this workshop we are inviting Prof. Mehmet ÖZDOĞAN and Prof. Zeynep ERES from Istanbul University and also Prof. Douglas BAIRD and Prof. Jessica PEARSON from University of Liverpool to give us some lectures on the Neolithic Anatolia.  We are going to discuss and examine our research results from a wide range point of view.


Date: March 22 and 23

Place: University of Tsukuba Research Building A110, A107



22 March 2017   University of Tsukuba Research Building A110


10:00-10:05  Opening address



Mehmet ÖZDOĞAN (Istanbul University, Turkey)

“An alternative look at the PPN of southeast Anatolia: The domineering role of cult practices in structuring communities”


11:05-11:35 coffee break



Zeynep ERES (Istanbul Technical University, Turkey)

“Reconstitution, conservation and presentation of the Neolithic sites: Two case studies from Turkey – Çayönü and Aşağı Pınar”


12:05-14:00 lunch break



Douglas BAIRD (University of Liverpool, the United Kingdom)

“The development of sedentism in the Konya plain of central Anatolia”


15:00-15:30 coffee break



Jessica PEARSON (University of Liverpool, the United Kingdom)

” Building Large Communities: Multi-isotope investigations of human mobility and diet in the earliest large villages”


23 March 2017   University of Tsukuba Research Building A107



Yutaka MIYAKE (University of Tsukuba)

“Sedentary hunter-gatherer community at Hasankeyf Höyük”



Osamu MAEDA (University of Tsukuba)

“The lithic assemblage from Hasankeyf Höyük: a continuity of the hunter-gatherer tradition”



Osamu KONDO (University of Tokyo)

“Human skeletal remains from Hasankeyf Höyük”


12:00-13:30 lunch break



Kennichi TANNO (Yamaguchi University)

“Botanical remains from Hasankeyf Höyük”



Hitomi HONGO (The Graduate University for Advanced Studies)

“Animal exploitation by sedentary hunter-gatherers at Hasankeyf Höyük”



Yu ITAHASHI and Minoru YONEDA (University of Tokyo)

“Food consumption of Hasankeyf Höyük hunter-gatherers based on the isotopes”


15:30-16:00 coffee break


16:00-16:45 General discussions


* Free workshop with no registration.  All th