【Over Sea Research Report Meeting】International Japanese Research Relay Session (Monday June 12, 18:10~ )

On Monday June 12, International Japanese Research Relay Session titled Over Sea Research Report Meeting will be held at the University of Tsukuba. No fee is required so please feel free to join!



Date: June 12 (Mon) 18:10~19:30

Place: Humanities and Social Sciences Buildings A422


Associate Prof. Jun-ichi Akashi (Social Science)

Associate Prof. Noriko Hiraishi (Humanities)

Associate Prof. Heo Myeongja (Japanese Language and Education)



■Prof. Yoko Tanaka

“Rapid Change of Europe Seen from Germany – Sojourn Journal on Humboldt University of Berlin”


■Associate Prof. Risako Ide

“Looking Back on Sabbatical: Citizen Participation of Portlanders Living in the U.S and Efforts of University”


■General Discussion



ICR (office@icrhs.tsukuba.ac.jp)

International Japanese Research (office@japan.tsukuba.ac.jp)


Click here for the poster (PDF)